Food to Intake During Typhoid

Typhoid is a bacterial infection which is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi. This infection can be passed through the contaminated food or water.  It’s symptoms will include a high fever, headache, diarrhoea, chills. Typhoid fever contains highly Contagious and people who are suffering from this aliment may also experience gastrointestinal issues, loss of appetite or nausea.  So, there are few changes in the typhoid food restrictions which may help in curing the symptoms. Usually people will prefer eating blank food that helps in digesting. Below are the food to intake during typhoid.

High-Calorie Foods

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A high calorie diet is suggested for those who are suffering from typhoid fever. High-calorie foods will help in preventing from weight loss when you are dealing with this infection.  people can consume foods such as boiled potatoes, Bananas, boiled rice, pasta, white bread. Whereas small portions of such foods will give some strength and energy to typhoid patients. Even you need to avoid foods containing roughage because they are very hard to digest and can further irritate our intestines.


You need to drink minimum six to eight glasses of water every day. Typhoid will frequently cause watery diarrhoea and fever that can lead to dehydration. Try to increase to take liquid foods such as clear or vegetable broth, strained fruits and fruit juice. So, this kind of foods will help in replace electrolytes which is lost in the diarrhoea. In case, if you are severely dehydrated, then you need to visit hospitals for receiving the fluids.

 Foods Rich in Protein and Carbohydrate
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Body weight is reduced during typhoid due to weak digestion and lack of energy. So, you have consume more amounts of protein and carbohydrate- containing foods. You need to eat food such as avocado, dry fruits, dates and apricots where this can help during typhoid food restrictions.

Dairy Products

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Try to have yogurt, milk, eggs which can ensure adequate protein in the body and this kind of dairy products need to included in the typhoid recovery plan.

During typhoid, your body and digestive system will weaken. So, in that case you need to pay attention to typhoid food restrictions while having it. Even you have to eat food that gives more strength to body. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about food to intake during typhoid. Thanks for reading!

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